At the heart of Team 9098 FireHawks is a dedication to promoting STEAM principles and the concept of Gracious Professionalism. Our belief is simple: as we build robots, we’re shaping young minds to be the problem-solvers of tomorrow. Through robotics, we’re crafting a generation that will lead with innovation and compassion. In addition to our own growth, we are committed to sharing the importance of STEAM with others and spreading our enthusiasm for science and technology throughout our community. By engaging in outreach and educational initiatives, we aim to inspire and empower the next wave of young innovators.


We are a student led team, meaning that our members are at the forefront of every decision, design, and development process. Our team is divided into subteams, and ultimately led by two co-captains, as well as the subteam leads. The subteams often overlap and collaborate on tasks to achieve our goals, and consist of; mechanical, programming, strategy, scouting, media, business, and the drive team. This structure promotes interdisciplinary learning and ensures that students with a wide range of interests and skill sets can get involved. 

Being part of a student-led team fosters personal growth and confidence. Students learn to lead with integrity, communicate effectively, and build strong interpersonal relationships, preparing them for future endeavors in any field. Although our team is student-driven, we are supported by dedicated mentors and coaches. These mentors provide guidance, share expertise, and offer support.