Our team is committed to being active members in our community, especially with Loyola’s associate schools! At St. Theresa Elementary School’s Barbeque Hoopla, members of our team brought Phoenix to join in the activities! We showed off what Phoenix can do, and talked to students about what we do in robotics. We engaged kids with games and got them excited about STEAM!

Every year Loyola invites grade 7s to tour the school, check out some classes, and learn about different clubs! Meanwhile, the Firehawks have the pleasure of talking about robotics at Loyola. We explain what our team does, our values and our missions. We showcase our most recent robot and explain what robotics is. We encouraged students of all skill sets and interests to give it a go when they join our school community in grade 9!

At our school’s Grade 8 Night, the Firehawks showcased our robot with demonstrations and shared information about our team with interested prospective students and their families! We talked about STEAM at Loyola and our commitment to inclusion within our team, outlining all the different sub teams within the Firehawk family for students of all skill sets! We emphasized the fact that robotics is for everyone! Beginners and experienced individuals alike, as we aim to spread love and knowledge of STEAM.

As a team, we understand and are committed to encouraging girls in STEAM. Our team captains planned and executed a Girls in STEAM event as part of a social justice project, aiming to show girls that STEAM is for everyone and they are just as capable of doing great things in this field.

On National STEAM Day volunteers showed students what rookie robot Phoenix can do! We aimed to get students excited about STEAM and inspired to get involved through a demonstration of our robot and giving students an opportunity to ask questions!

Our team values nurturing young minds and getting kids thinking about STEAM. To do our part, the Firehawks have become mentors to St. Theresa Elementary School’s FIRST Lego League team! We help instill FIRST values of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition in prospective FRC members while helping them grow their skills and courage to create and innovate.

Mentoring a FLL team was so much fun, it only made sense to volunteer at our local FLL Competition event. Several of our Firehawks volunteered to help with St. Theresa Elementary School’s FIRST Lego League event! It was a great way to witness the young teams as they experience the excitement of a FLL competition, while also setting an example of volunteerism in the community.

Hour of Code is a global initiative to show the world that anybody and everybody can code! The Firehawks are passionate about this topic, as we greatly value diversity and inclusion within STEAM. Members of our team reached out to groups in our community and taught girls and allies how to code in hopes of igniting their passions for STEAM!

The FireHawks conducted a LEGO Drive during the Christmas Season of 2023. Both by reaching out to the school community and by donating themselves, the campaign was a great success. It was a great way to promote charity and generosity in the school community while promoting a toy that promotes STEAM, inspires innovation and is loved by all. We were thrilled to brighten up Christmas for several underprivileged children in our area.

April of 2024 – The FireHawks have assisted with providing tours for over 300 elementary school students from various communities during the Ontario DCMP. The goal is to spark a passion for FIRST Robotics and STEAM by spreading our enthusiasm for the programs and their benefits.

Spring of 2024 – The FireHawks will be conducting a robot demo and presentation to one of the local elementary schools – St. Bernadette. The goals are to promote STEAM to young minds, to inspire the next generation of FIRST students, and to ensure the sustainability of the FireHawks FRC team.